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Dr. John Madden hosted a visiting Rotarian from Norway.

Magnar Agotnes comes from the town of Al, in the region of Hallingdal, about
half way between Oslo and Bergen. It is a small town about the size of
Conyngham. He is the principal of the middle school in Al. His Rotary Club,
which has maybe 25 members, meets on Tuesday nights in a hotel meeting room,
and all they have are drinks, so he was very impressed with the full buffet
lunch and how large the Hazleton club is.  He is very much into outdoor sports such as skiing, kayaking, roller blading, and ski-kiting (there's a large kite on a harness that you put on your body and
then go skiing). He was suprised we can go skiing in PA. He was also surprised
how warm it was (even took a picture of the thermometer to prove it to his
friends). Because the speed limit in Norway is only around 50, he was also
surprised how fast we can legally drive.