Posted by Lisa Marie Halecky
The Hazleton Rotary Wine & Beer Festival is 3 days away! and it's going to be a beautiful sunny day!
This is our largest fundraiser of the year and having all Hazleton Rotarians assisting in its success is vital!
Thank you to everyone who have purchased/sold tickets, hung up signs in your place of business, shared the event on social media and told family and friends about it. Thank you for donating a bottle of booze for the basket of cheer, supplied a tricky tray, offered to volunteer, and so on.
It's not too late to lend a hand. We still need ticket returns, booze for the basket, volunteers for the day of the event, and sharing the event with anyone you come in contact with in the next 3 days. Not sure who to reach out to? Call Jim Kelshaw at 401-837-2617.