On behalf of the Rotary Club of Hazleton, President Alan Whitaker and President-Elect Donna Barna thank the local unit of the American Cancer Society for recognizing the Rotary Club with the sixth annual Joseph S. Gans Sr. Award.  The award was presented at the 42nd annual American Cancer Society-Greater Hazleton Unit Telethon on Saturday, February 22nd

“We congratulate the local organization and their membership”, says Telethon Co-Chair Clemie Yamona.  “We appreciate their service to the community and to us, most especially, in helping us purchase a car for our local Road to Recovery program.”


Joseph Gans and his wife Irene, along with Henry and Leona Kreisel were the originators of the local telethon event.  “We think they would be delighted that their original idea is still going today to continue in the local battle against cancer although they would be saddened that despite great advances, cancer is still with us”, comments co-Chair Jane Dougherty.  The telethon was aired live by WYLN-TV35 and was held at Premier Catering & Events at Genetti Ballrooms.

“I was very honored to represent our club to accept this award. All of our current and past members are the reason why we received this award. Thank you to the American Cancer Society for recognizing the efforts of our organization.” says President Whitaker