Posted by Lisa Marie Halecky

The following students have been selected as the Rotary Club Scholarship winners for 2019. 

Coleman Smith, MMI Preparatory, will receive a scholarship of $2000.00 per year for a total of $8000 for four years.  Kaitlyn Beiler and Morgan Long will each receive a scholarship valued at $1250.00 a year for a total of $5000 for four years.

Coleman, MMI Preparatory School, is the son of Laura and Keith Smith.  He plans to attend Pennsylvania State University, University Park with an intended double Major in Nuclear and Electrical Engineering.

The daughter of Keang and James Beiler, Kaitlyn, Hazleton Area High School, will major in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science at Cornell University.

Morgan, MMI Preparatory School, is the son of Theresa and David Long.  He will attend Lehigh University as a member of the Computer Science and Business dual degree honors program.

Morgan, Coleman and Kaitlyn will be guest speakers at the Hazleton Rotary Club meeting sometime this summer