Posted by Pat Ward
Our Rotary Club held a “New Member Induction” at the weekly November 8th meeting. Past President Lew Dryfoos conducted the induction ceremony which welcomed new members Toni Ruggerio , sponsored by Carla Thaller, Stephen Seach sponsored by Donna Barna and Dr. Peter Spohn who transferred into the Hazleton Rotary Club from a Rotary Club in a different location.  Taking Part in the Rotary Club New Member Induction on November 8th at the weekly Rotary Club meeting was Lew Dryfoos, Ron Avellino, Dr. Peter Spohn, Gene Dougherty, Stephen Seach, Esquire, Carla Thaller and Toni Ruggerio.
Also: Donna Barna, Tim Genetti, Terry Jones and Paul Malone were elected to the Nominating Committee, which according to the bylaws, is chaired by Immediate Past President Pat Ward.  President elect Kathie Oh is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the committee.