Hazleton Rotarians/family/friends have been active participants in this annual project emphasizing the Rotary Club motto of “Service Above Self” for a number of years.  This year’s project chair was Alan Whitaker.   Store entrances were manned on behalf of the Salvation Army from 8AM-3PM.
Participants, in addition to Anderson and Rudegeair were John & Brenda Beltrami; John Sr. & John Patton Jr.;   Terry Jones; Lew, Maura, Evan & Madeline Dryfoos;   Paul Malone; Marie Ernst; Dr. Peter Spohn; Tim Genetti; Michele Ustynoski;  Paul & Ella Oswald; Pat Ward; Pat Owens;  Joanna Santiago; George Hayden & Daughter; Steve Seach, Esquire; Mary Malone; Joe Cammisa and Project Chair Alan Whitaker.