Eileen Panzerella, of Pathway to Recovery was our speaker and discuss the program which received one of our Serve Above Self grants.
Pathway to Recovery Counseling & Education Services recently received $750.00   from The Rotary Club of Hazleton’s Community Grants Program. This money will be used for the “Mock Teen Bedroom”  started by Pathway Services to be used as a tool to educate parents and other concerned adults on ways teens can hide drugs in plain sight.
Drug use is on the rise and recognizing it quickly can get a person into treatment before the addiction can take control.
Items will be purchased to create a Mock Teen Bedroom that would demonstrate ways in which people hide their drug use.
Eileen Panzarella, Director Prevention, Pathway to Recovery, says “The Mock Bedroom will consist of a bed, coverings small furniture and numerous everyday items found in a teen’s room such as a water bottle, soda can, hair brush, etc.  There is one catch, however--while these items might look like everyday items they are in fact concealment devices for drugs. In the early stages of drug use the person might not exhibit all the behavioral issues that we think typical drug users possess so finding the hidden drugs can be an important first step in halting the drug use before it takes control of the person.”
The mock bedroom is a traveling display that can be taken to PTA meetings, service club meetings, community health fairs, etc.  Parents will be given an opportunity to search and find the hidden compartments.  A trained Prevention Specialist will be on hand during the demonstration to answer any questions that may come up and to inform parents on where counseling and rehab help is available.
“We really appreciate the Rotary Club helping us establish this drug use education tool.  The drug problem grows and grows and we need to do everything we can to fight it.”  Panzerella explains.  For more information about this and other services contact Eileen at 570-455-9902.
“We all know that drugs are becoming a greater and greater problem in our area and the Rotary Club is proud to help fight this epidemic in any way it can.” explains Rotary President Pat Ward